Tisha Reid, BS
Associate Director, National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health
Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of OB/GYN

Tisha Reid is Associate Director of the National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health (NCEWH) at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of OB/GYN. In this position, she is responsible for directing and managing NCEWH’s daily program operations. She has successfully developed, implemented, and secured over $800,000 in funding for NCEWH’s statewide outreach screening program. A 40-foot mobile unit has been utilized to increase access to care and improve the health of underserved Indiana women and their families. She also reestablished the Women of Influence initiative by raising awareness as well as educating and empowering women throughout the state on critical health issues and health disparities.

Ms. Reid’s community engaged research includes her membership on Indiana Clinical Translational Sciences Institute’s Community Urban Health Product Development Team to assist investigators in transforming ideas or hypotheses into well-designed translational research projects. She also serves on Indiana State Department of Health’s Women Advisory Board, the Indiana Chronic Disease Advisory Committee, the Interagency State Council on Black & Minority Health, and other national and local boards. She extensively collaborates with key stakeholder organizations to address infant mortality, obesity, heart disease, and other chronic health disparities that disproportionately affect minorities.

Ms. Reid is passionate about holistic health and health equity. She has a wealth of experience in strategic planning, partnership development, community health, program planning, and evaluation. She has received numerous awards from multiple organizations in recognition of her service, including the American Heart Association, Indiana Cancer Consortium, Martin University, National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer, and National Cancer Institute Cancer Information Service.

Ms. Reid holds a BS in public health administration from Indiana University and currently is completing coursework to receive her wellness and health coach certification from Real Balance Global Wellness Services. As an American Association of University Women salary negotiation facilitator, she uses research-based curricula and materials to teach college students about pay equity and salary negotiation strategies. She is an ordained minister and enjoys spending time with her family, vacationing abroad, and participating in sports.