Shannon McMorrow, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Western Michigan University

Shannon McMorrow is an Assistant Professor of Public Health at Western Michigan University. She previously served as a community health education practitioner for over 10 years in multidisciplinary settings across the United States, Belize, and Uganda. She began her academic career as a lecturer at Uganda Martyrs University in 2005 and completed her doctoral studies with a focus on the implications of media coverage of HIV/AIDS in Kenya for community health education practice.

Dr. McMorrow’s current research focuses on community-based participatory research that utilizes Photovoice to better understand socio-cultural determinants of health for persons who experience health disparities in the Midwestern part of the country, including African American teen girls and women refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is passionate about bridging the gap between theory and practice to improve community health and reduce health disparities.