Manju Sankarappa, BS
Executive Director
Ohio Asian American Health Coalition

Manju Sankarappa has been implementing community-based interventions in the Asian community in the greater Columbus, Ohio area for the past 15 years. She has served as Executive Director of the Ohio Asian American Health Coalition (OAAHC) since 2009. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing and managing programs in the areas of community engagement, medical education and training, and research. Her position directly focuses on improving the health of all populations by diversifying the healthcare workforce and influencing health policy and research.

OAAHC represents seven organizations that are united to address the needs of the Asian community. OAAHC’s efforts were initiated in 2002 and fully implemented in 2005. OAAHC was awarded a one-year grant in 2012 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement hepatitis B screening in foreign-born African and Asian populations in Columbus, Ohio. The Kellogg Foundation also has awarded OAAHC a four-year Health Through Action grant.

OAAHC is housed in the Ohio State University Medical Center and has strong support from the Community Development Center. OAAHC currently is focusing on transitioning toward a community-based policy and research organization.