Lenel James, MBA
Senior Project Manager
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Lenel James has over 35 years of experience in the fields of management, systems consulting, and standards development as well as over 17 years of focused experience in the healthcare industry. He has conducted local and national seminars on health information exchange, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and clinical information systems.

Mr. James is a Senior Project Manager for the Industry Standards and eHealth Team of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. His responsibilities include both external and internal collaborations with standards setting organizations and national programs on key HIPAA transaction and electronic standards issues. His partnerships have included ASC X12N organizations for EDI transactions; HL7 organizations for EHR, PHR and attachments; the SDO Charter Organization; and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). For ASC X12N, he participated with the TG2/ WG9 for Claims Attachments; co-chaired the TG2/WG11 Education Committee; served as a member of the X12 Steering Committee; and chaired the Collaboration and Outreach Task Group. He also has coordinated, managed, hosted, and facilitated several national conferences on topics regarding e-Health, health information technology, and HIPAA.

Mr. James is an active leader and authoring member of HL7. He participates on the Electronic Health Record Workgroup and is part of the HL7 faculty for classes on the EHR/PHR standards. He has been a team leader on several chapters of the EHR systems standard and a contributor to the work on the PHR systems standard. He is extensively involved in the activities of the Attachments Workgroup related to the healthcare claims attachment standard. He is a past member of the Commission for the Certification of Health Information Technology (IT) PHR Workgroup and the previous chair of the HIMSS PHR Public Comment Workgroup.

Mr. James’s extensive experience in clinical information systems and IT strategic planning has led to his work with healthcare, state, and federal clients on a broad array of projects for a leading international consulting firm. He served as Acting Director of Clinical Systems for the Hospital Information Systems Department, the third largest public hospital in the nation, for five years.