Centralia Gilmore
Executive Director and Senior Housing Counselor
Lakeview Community Resource Center and Housing Services, Inc.

Centralia Gilmore is Executive Director of Lakeview Community Resource Center and Housing Services, a nonprofit organization located on the north side of Chicago. With nearly 20 years of experience in real estate, mortgage procurement, housing resources, and healthcare outreach, she has developed a niche for implementing “panoramic” services. This effort involves conforming service delivery and procedures to the demographic and psychosocial needs of clients. Most systems and policies, including the typical one-stop service model, are based on agency or provider resources that are combined with client empirical data.

Ms. Gilmore began her career as an advocate for the homeless in 1998. She volunteered at the Cornerstone Homeless Shelter and witnessed firsthand the urgent need for public health services. She observed that available resources through overnight shelter assistance were limited. Because these experiences affected her view of mortgage banking, she developed a perspective of housing as both a human right and a public health need.

Ms. Gilmore’s 2015-2016 contract with the Chicago Urban League allowed her to conceive and develop a model for a Healthy Living Peer Educator direct grant. This effort resulted in a $30 million, three-year national initiative and culminated in a project of her panoramic philosophy that synthesized the impact of race, inequity, lack of resources, housing disparities, and limited social assistance resources on substantial public health variables and inequities among certain demographic populations.

Ms. Gilmore’s portfolio delved into both transitional and permanent housing for veterans and their families, including support services and referrals to specialized services. She has facilitated transitional housing for ex-offenders and disabled adults with mental illness. She has provided foreclosure counseling to homeowners in crisis, financial awareness programs, employment services, family education, and housing assistance services to help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and independence.

Ms. Gilmore has served as Executive Director and Senior Housing Counselor for Lakeview Community Resource Center and Housing Services since 2009. She collaborates with numerous organizations and public health agencies to determine the role of nonprofit organizations and agencies, such as partnering with government agencies and community-based organizations to ensure that the development process is inclusive and equitable for communities of color and racially equitable and inclusive communities are created. Her previous positions included:
  • Title searches and document preparation for closings, tax sales, new construction, and redevelopment, Elite Enterprises (1993 to 1998); 
  • Commercial and residential realty sales and processing, Coldwell Banker and G.M. King Realty (1998-2004); 
  • Processor of short sales and loss mitigation packages, C&A Real Estate Investment (2004-2005); and 
  • Senior sales agent and manager, DCI International (2006-2009).