Antoniette M. Holt, MPH
Director, Office of Minority Health
Indiana State Department of Health

Antoniette Holt is Director of the Office of Minority Health for the Indiana State Department of Health. Her work involves specialized knowledge of state government, public health, cultural competence, diversity, health equity, and minority health concerns and issues. She previously served as the deputy director and epidemiologist for the Office of Minority Health and the Office of Cultural Diversity and Enrichment. She has conducted research and led community outreach projects related to cultural competency and health disparities.

Ms. Holt has been responsible for the execution and investigation of various reports and studies focused on minority health concerns. She is recognized as an expert in her field and is often consulted and invited to provide valuable input on urgent matters that involve underserved communities within Indiana and the nation. She has been a keynote speaker at various local and national conferences, seminars, and other events related to minority health, health equity, and cultural diversity training.

Ms. Holt has dedicated her career to public health. She earned both a BS in public health and an MPH from Indiana University, Bloomington. She serves on several local and national boards and committees. She is extensively involved in Office of Minority Health initiatives and programs for Region V and currently serves as President of the National Association of State Offices of Minority Health.

Ms. Holt devotes her personal time to helping others in her local community by volunteering at her local church and other organizations. She also has served others outside of the United States through her mission trips to West Africa, South Africa, and Haiti. She is committed to providing education on the importance of minority health and the need for equitable health care for all persons. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.