Region V - Great Lakes RHEC

Mission: To increase health equity through the elimination of health disparities and address the social determinants of health by influencing partners, leaders, and stakeholders committed to sustainable action for systems and policy changes within Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

Vision: A nation achieving the highest level of health for everyone by eliminating disparities and working towards health equity

Priority Areas:
  • Information and Communication 
  • Recruitment and Retention 
  • Social Determinants of Health 
    • Community Health Workers 
    • Data 
    • Policy
Cross-Cutting Activities:
  • States will develop work plans that complement and support the strategies posed by either their statewide Community Health Worker (CHW) association or CHW subject matter that can be subsequently linked to a regional strategy that includes sustainability initiatives or professional recognition and possible certification/licensure. Active support and member participation in the state and regional activities of the CHW association. 
  • State will seek to include elements of SDoH linked to infant mortality or the role of Community Health Workers in helping to reduce the disparities which incorporate SDoH. 

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